Syngene Dyversity: High Resolution 2D Gel and Blot Imaging System

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Dyversity is designed for the rapid generation of 2D protein gel images and features a high resolution, 16-bit CCD camera inside a computer-controlled darkroom. This camera offers unrivalled separation of the highest density of protein spot images and can capture faint spots guaranteeing imaging accuracy which is comparable to many expensive laser based scanning systems.

The versatile Dyversity system has a motor driven sample stage, motor driven lens and can be fitted with a range of filters, UV and visible lighting options to allow imaging of all commercial 2D protein stains including Coomassie Blue, silver stain, SYPRO® Ruby, Pro-Q® Diamond, Deep Purple™. With an optional lighting module it is also possible to image gels stained with Cy2, Cy3 and Cy5. The high-quality 2D gel images produced by Dyversity can be easily downloaded for rapid analysis into Dymension, Syngene's powerful 2D gel image analysis software.

Reasons to buy this product

  • Speed
    Using a CCD based system (rather than a scanning laser based model) for the capture of a 2D gel is considerably faster. This means a much faster throughput of work which is particularly useful when working with a large number of gel replicants.
  • Image quality
    You get high quality images. The 16 bit camera also ensures images have a very wide dynamic range which increases the accuracy of quantification. A "single"shot capture of the entire gel means that no image stitching is necessary with a Dyversity system.
  • High sensitivity
    The camera sensors have large pixels which contribute to having a high sensitivity to light. With high sensitivity the user is able to detect down to femptogram levels which are often found in low abundance proteins.
  • Versatile
    Although the Dyversity is primarily a system for the capture of 2D gels it can be extended to work with all types of sample. It is possible to image fluorescent gels, chemiluminescent blots and colour fluorescence applications with Dyversity. This makes the system ideal as a complete laboratory workstation.
  • Multiplex imaging
    With the Edge lighting unit the Dyversity is perfect for the capture of multiplexed type samples such as DIGE gels. The edge lighting unit is specifically designed to give a very narrow bandwidth of light ensuring maximum excitation of the dyes with minimal cross-talk.

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Camera Dyversity 6
CCD camera (m pixels) 6
Pixel array 3072 x 2048
Bit depth (grey scales)

16 bit

65536 grey levels

Dynamic range 4.8
Cooling Yes
Lens F1.4 manual
Hinged door Yes
Motor driven stage Yes
Safety interlocked Yes
Built-in white light Yes - LEDs
Filter wheel 7 position with included UV filter
Illumination options: UV transilluminator
  Epi UV
  Epi red, green, blue, IR
  Edge lighting module
Size Dimensions (W x H x D) 57 x 85 x 43

Price: $0.00