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Controlled by icon driven software, the Proteomescan system can generate high quality 2D gel images in seconds which can be automatically transferred into Dymension, Syngene's revolutionary 2D image analysis software.

With Proteomescan users can switch between transmittance and reflectance modes and can select required resolution. The system can generate images of up to 12,800 x 12,800-dpi resolution and has variable color scanning, which makes it easy to scan gels stained with coloured dyes such as Coomassie Blue and silver stain and ensures detection of the smallest protein features.

Proteomescan comes in two versions, the Proteomescan A4 Pro for imaging gels up to 21 cm x 29 cm and the Proteomescan A3 Pro for scanning gels of up to 31 cm x 43 cm.

(We reserve the right to substitute a different scanner of an equivalent or better specification).

Please note that this unit is not supplied with analysis software but you can purchase either GeneTools or Dymension.

Reasons to buy this product:

  • Ease of use
    The scanner is very simple to use and requires no special training. The control software is icon driven and is very easy to set up and use.
  • Flexible settings
    The user can set the resolution, speed and image compression settings. This gives the user the ability to select either a high speed scan or one with the best quality.
  • Choice of modes
    The scanner can be used in reflectance mode or when using the transparency adapter in transmission mode. This increases the flexibility of imaging applications.
  • Color scanning
    The scanner can operate in black and white or color mode. If selecting the latter then it is possible to scan and detect all visible colored proteomic dyes.
  • Fully sealed
    The sample area of the scanner is sealed and is safe against leaks of any liquid from a wet gel or blot.
  • Direct image transfer
    Scanned images can be sent immediately to Dymension software for rapid analysis.

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  Proteomescan A4 Pro Proteomescan A3 Pro
System High quality 2D image scanner with transmittance and reflectance mode High quality 2D image scanner with transmittance and reflectance mode
Maximum gel imaging size 216mm x 297mm 310mm x 437mm
Resolution 6400 x 9600 dpi 2400 x 4800 dpi
Interpolated resolution 12800 x 12800 dpi 12800 x 12800 dpi
Resolution 16 bit grey levels, 48 bit colour 16 bit grey levels, 24 bit colour
Scan optical density range 4.0 OD 3.8 OD
Interface USB2 IEEE 1394 (firewire) IEEE 1394 (firewire), high speed USB2
Power input 100 - 240V 100 - 240V

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