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Primm has a very efficient monoclonal antibody production service using mice immunized with antigens either provided by the customer or produced by Primm. Monoclonal antibodies are important for their high value and monospecificity. They have affinity for the same epitope and specificity for a unique region of the protein, and can block peculiar protein function. Monoclonal antibodies are very useful tools in biochemistry, molecular biology and medicine.

Proteins are the best choice to use as the antigen, and these can either be supplied by the costumer or produced by Primm as HIS-Tag protein fusion (either full length or domains). In some cases, we may also uses synthetic peptides even if they are not the ideal immunogen, as they tend to be too small do not generate a large number of monospecific clones. On average 2-3 mg of antigen are necessary for immunization and analysis. This service includes the generation of monoclonal antibodies through somatic fusion and the possibility to choose either 2 or more hybridoma after the first screening. We can provide both the cell lines and the purified monoclonal Abs. Upon request a cell banking service is available for the storage of the desired clones.
Monoclonal antibodies generation:

- Antigen choice - Immunization to obtain polyclonal response - Splenectomy with spleen cells isolation (lymphocytes) - Splenocytes fusion with myeloma cells - Selection of positive hybridoma cell lines and isolation of mother clones - Expansion and sub-cloning by limiting dilution - Isolation of final clones - Production (in vivo / cell culture) - Immunoaffinity-purification of Mabs

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