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Primm provides an efficient service for the production of polyclonal antibodies using rabbits, mice and rats. The service is offered in three different options based on the antigen used for immunization:

  • Custom polyclonal antibodies against synthetic peptides
  • Custom polyclonal antibodies against recombinant proteins (His-tag fusion)
  • Custom polyclonal antibodies against other proteins or antigens supplied by the customer
Primm also offers these additional services:
  • Free antigenicity analysis and assistance for the selection of the best antigen
  • Development and production of the antigen for immunization if not provided by the customer
  • Antibody purification by affinity chromatography
  • Antibody labeling
  • Immunometric assay
  • Dual species custom polyclonal antibodies

Custom Antibody Services Brochure

For more information about our Custom Antibody Services, please contact us. You may also link directly to the Primm Biotech Website.

Primm also offers a unique collection of catalog antibodies: please use our Antibody Search Engine to check for catalog antibodies.

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