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Counting primary cells with debris has traditionally been a challenge for researchers.  The Cellometer Auto 2000 is an instrument designed specifically for such applications.  Dual channel fluorescence imaging allows customers to use fluorescent stains to accurately discern live and dead cells from debris.  This instrument is the ideal choice for people working with splenocytes, PBMC's, whole blood, bone marrow, stem cells and many more.


  • Only 20uL of sample volume
  • Viability via AO/PI, PI or Trypan Blue
  • Dual Fluorescence plus brightfield imaging
  • Disposable counting chamber
  • All-in-one design including computer and touch screen


  • Consistent, reliable and accurate results for primary cells
  • Instant staining and counting
  • No lysing of RBC required
  • Eliminates variation caused by debris in samples
  • No washing biohazard
  • Small footprint

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