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The Amerex GYROMAX 747/747R floor model stackable incubator shakers are designed to have the capacity of a chest model shaker without sacrificing valuable lab space. The 747R (refrigerated shaking incubator) and 747 (non-refrigerated shaking incubator) can be stacked two-high, have a shelf for non-shaking incubation and still have the capacity to handle up to 12 two-liter flasks on the platform. Therefore, stacking these incubator shakers can give researchers the ability to grow up to 48-liters of yeast and bacterial cell cultures at one time, while using only a modest lab footprint! That's a lot of OD600 readings with your new CD8000 Cell Density Meter from BioChrom.

Although priced more modestly than many competitive systems, the 747/747R feature a long-lasting triple eccentric drive with counterbalancing weights to ensure smooth, quiet shaking and superior durability.Stacked Incubator Shakers This drive also eliminates the need for making balance changes as the load on the platform increases.  The 747R has a frost-free refrigeration system for temperatures ranging from 4C to 80C, while 747 has a temperature range from 5C above ambient to 80C.  The large, quiet fan and robust construction of these shaking incubators ensures optimum temperature uniformity inside the chamber.  Temperature is controlled by a microprocessor that is monitored accurately by a premium RTD sensor and will cutoff the heater in the event of chamber overheating. 

Amerex offers a variety of accessories, including their very popular spring racks. With their two grid-lined stainless steel springs, these racks give users the versatility to shake tubes horizontally, vertically,  or upright and they can also accommodate flasks up to 1L in volume. Because the distances between the grids are adjustable, tubes and flasks of different height can be shaken simultaneously. Other accessories include clamps, platforms, microtiter plate holders and extra shelves. 

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