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Our Upright Freezer Racks for 3”cardboard, plastic or metal boxes are constructed of high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel.  Optimizing the storage capacity of your -80 and -20 freezers will save you time and money by making both your lab and your freezers more efficient.


Standard Racks:  Each box is supported by a stainless steel shelf.  No cheap plastic dividers to fall out and get misplaced.

Part NumberDescriptionDimension L×H×DCapacity (Box)Price
UF-323Freezer Rack for 3" Boxes165/16×65/8×51/2 inch 415×168×140mm3×2=6$45.00
UF-333Freezer Rack for 3" Boxes165/16×93/8×51/2 inch 415×238×140mm3x3=9$69.00
UF-423Freezer Rack for 3" Boxes215/8×65/8×51/2 inch 550×168×140mm4x2=8$60.00
UF-433Freezer Rack for 3" Boxes215/8×93/8×51/2 inch 550×238×140mm4x3=12$90.00
UF-443Freezer Rack for 3" Boxes221/8×125/8×51/2 inch 562×321×140mm4x4=16$106.00
UF-453Freezer Rack for 3" Boxes21 5/8×15 3/5×5 1/2 inch 550×395×140mm4x5=20$130
UF-533Freezer Rack for 3" Boxes263/4×91/2×51/2 inch 679×241×140mm5x3=15$105
UF-543Freezer Rack for 3" Boxes263/4×125/8×51/2 inch 679×321×140mm5x4=20$130

Sizing:  Please use the internal dimensions for your freezer shelf space to determine the height (H), length (L) and width (W) of each rack you select for your Upright Freezer.  For onsite consultation and measurements, please contact us.

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