Galileo ExpressCast 1515 Horizontal Gel Box

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Galileo ExpressCast 1515 Gel Unit

The ExpressCast 1515 gel box is made with extra width for increased sample throughput and the capacity to run 112 DNA or RNA samples at once.

System Description

This unit is fantastic for users whose electrophoresis involves fast sample screening on a large number of samples. The unit comes with Galileo's ExpressCast gel casting system for fast, easy and tape-less gel casting, as well as a built-in bubble level and leveling screws for convenient level adjusting. Galileo offers a wide variety of comb options, including their microtiter combs for easy loading with a multi-channel pipette. 

System Features

The Galileo 1515 complete system includes these features:

  • Heavy duty lower buffer chamber
  • Interlock safety lid with attached leads
  • End gated 15cm wide x 15cm long ExpressCast™ UV-transparent gel tray with built-in fluorescent ruler and 14 comb slots.
  • Two combs of your choice

System Accessories

Choose among these accessories to customize each system for your specific needs.

  • Additional gel trays.
  • A wide range of comb options.
  • Gel loading guides. These guides fit into the comb slots of the gel tray, and have precision machined slots that provide accurate aligning of your multi-channel pipette during gel loading.

NEW 81-1515Wide Horizontal, 15cmW x 15cmL UVT Gel Tray w/ end gates & (4) combs, (2) each 17 and 34 tooth, 1.5 mm TCall
81-15-C10-1.0Comb 1.0mm thick/10 toothCall
81-15-C10-1.5Comb 1.5mm thick/10 toothCall
81-15-CMT17-1.01X Microtiter Comb 1.0mm thick/17 toothCall
81-15-CMT17-1.51X Microtiter Comb 1.5mm thick/17 toothCall
81-15-C20-1.0Comb 1.0mm thick/20 toothCall
81-15-C20-1.5Comb 1.5mm thick/20 toothCall
81-15-CMT34-1.02X Microtiter Comb 1.0mm thick/34 toothCall
81-15-CMT34-1.52X Microtiter Comb 1.5mm thick/34 toothCall
81-15-C40-1.0Comb 1.0mm thick/40 toothCall
81-15-C40-1.5Comb 1.5mm thick/40 toothCall
81-1515-UVTUVT Gel Tray w/ end gates, 15cmW x 15cmL gel sizeCall

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