Galileo RapidCast 1214 Horizontal Gel Box

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Galileo 1214 Mini Gel Unit

The RapidCastTM 1214 horizontal gel box is our most popular model because of its wide range of electrophoresis separation capabilities. This unit features RapidCastTM trays for quick in-unit gel casting for 12cm wide x 14cm long gels.

System Description

The RapidCast 1214 system is supplied with a RapidCast™ gasketed gel tray that allows for convenient gel casting directly in the buffer chamber. Researchers have the option to choose a complete system or to build their own custom unit from our large selection of system components. This includes our wide variety of combs, which are compatible with Owl Separation Systems B2A or similar devices. The teeth on combs marked as "microtiter" are uniformily spaced for easy loading with multichannel pipettors.

System Features

The complete RapidCast 1214 system includes these features:

  • Heavy duty lower buffer chamber
  • Interlock safety lid with attached leads
  • Gasketed (cast in place) 12cm wide x 14 cm long UV-transparent gel tray
  • Built-in fluorescent ruler and two comb slots
  • Supplied with two combs of your choice

System Options

The Galileo 1214 unit can be also be ordered with our new automatic buffer recirculation system (80-1214-R) or with installed buffer ports for connection to an external buffer recirculation system (80-1214-BEP)
System Accessories 

Choose among these accessories to customize each system for your specific needs.

  • RapidCast casting base G-80-1214-RCGC. Accommodates up to three 1214 RapidCast gel trays for casting outside buffer chamber.
  • Gel loading guide G-80-1214-MT2SLG. This guide fits into the comb slots of the gel tray, where it's precision machined slots provide accurate positioning for your multi-channel pipette during gel loading.

80-1214Minigel System, gasketed UVT gel tray, 12 cm x 14 cm & (1) 12 and (1) 20 tooth comb, 1.5 mm TCall
NEW 80-1214RMinigel System w/ integral buffer circulation, gasketed UVT gel trayCall
80-1214-BPMinigel System, with BEP, gasketed UVT gel tray, 12 cm x 14 cmCall
80-1214-C8-1.0Comb 1.0 mm thick/8 toothCall
80-1214-C8-1.5Comb 1.5 mm thick/8 toothCall
80-1214-CMT9-1.01X Microtiter format Comb 1.0 mm thick/9 tooth (8 sample lanes & 1 marker)Call
80-1214-CMT9-1.51X Microtiter format Comb 1.5 mm thick/9 tooth (8 sample lanes & 1 marker)Call
80-1214-CMT12-1.01X Microtiter format Comb 1.0 mm thick/12 toothCall
80-1214-CMT12-1.51X Microtiter format Comb 1.5 mm thick/12 toothCall
80-1214-C16-1.0Comb 1.0 mm thick/16 toothCall
80-1214-C16-1.5Comb 1.5 mm thick/16 toothCall
80-1214-C20-1.0Comb 1.0 mm thick/20 toothCall
80-1214-C20-1.5Comb 1.5 mm thick/20 toothCall
80-1214-C24-1.0Comb 1.0 mm thick/24 toothCall
80-1214-C24-1.5Comb 1.5 mm thick/24 toothCall
80-1214-CMT25-1.02X Microtiter format Comb 1.0 mm thick/25 toothCall
80-1214-CMT25-1.52X Microtiter format Comb 1.5 mm thick/25 toothCall
80-1214-CPREPPreparative Comb, 1.5 mm thickCall
80-1214-CWALLWall Comb, 1.5 mm thickCall
80-1214-RCGCMultiple Casting Chamber (holds up to 3 UVT trays)Call
80-1214-RCGT4Gasketed UVT gel tray, 12 cm x 14 cm, 4 comb slotsCall
80-1214-RCGT12Gasketed UVT gel tray, 12 cm x 14 cm, 12 comb slotsCall
80-1214-GSKReplacement Gasket, set of (2)Call

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