Galileo RapiCast 0708 Horizontal Gel Box

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Galileo 0708 Mini Gel Unit

The RapiCast 0708 gel electrophoresis system is sized perfectly for rapid analysis of small analytes like PCR and Restriction Enzyme fragments. It features a RapidCast gasketed tray for quick in-unit gel casting.

System Description

The 0708 mini gel system includes a RapiCast™ gasketed gel tray for convenient gel casting right in the buffer chamber.

System features

  • Heavy duty lower buffer chamber
  • Interlock safety lid with attached leads
  • Gasketed (cast in place) 7cm wide x 8cm long UV-transparent gel tray with built-in fluorescent ruler and 2 comb slots.
  • Supplied with 2 combs of your choice


80-0708Minigel System, gasketed UVT gel tray, 7cm x 8 cm & (1) 6 and (1) 10 tooth comb, 1.5 mm TCall
80-0708L-PKMinigel System, gasketed UVT gel tray, 7cm x 8 cm, plus Flush CutUVT gel tray, 7 x 10 cm & (1) 6 and (1) 10 tooth comb, 1.5 mm TCall
80-0708-C5-1.0Comb 1.0mm thick/5 toothCall
80-0708-C5-1.5Comb 1.5 mm thick/5 toothCall
80-0708-C6-1.0Comb 1.0mm thick/6 toothCall
80-0708-C6-1.5Comb 1.5 mm thick/6 toothCall
80-0708-C8-1.0Comb 1.0mm thick/8 toothCall
80-0708-C8-1.5Comb 1.5 mm thick/8 toothCall
80-0708-C10-1.0Comb 1.0 mm thick/10 toothCall
80-0708-C10-1.5Comb 1.5 mm thick/10 toothCall
80-0708-C12-1.0Comb 1.0 mm thick/12 toothCall
80-0708-C12-1.5Comb 1.5 mm thick/12 toothCall
80-0708-CPREPPreparative Comb, 1.5 mm thickCall
80-0708-RCGCMultiple Casting Chamber (holds up to 3 UVT trays)Call
80-0708-RCGTGasketed UVT gel tray, 7cm x 8 cmCall
80-0708-GSKReplacement Gasket, set of (2)Call
80-0708-LGTFlush Cut UVT gel tray, 7cmW x 10cmLCall

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