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The new generation of G:BOX provides the user with an extended range of applications and utilizes Syngene’s groundbreaking GeneSys automatic control software. Driven from a database containing hundreds of application protocols, functional control of the G:BOX is handled by the GeneSys software. Images are captured automatically and effortlessly although full manual control is available should you wish to use it.

The G:BOX F3 has a 3m pixel cooled camera to give outstanding images with undetectable noise. Whether you are using the system for standard fluorescence applications like DNA imaging or colorimetric imaging, the G:BOX will give you high quality images.

The breathtaking, stylish new design with modular construction allows the choice of a motor driven zoom lens with or without feedback and a range of lighting options for both epi and transillumination light applications.

The system comes complete with GeneTools analysis software.

REasons to buy this product:

  • Performance
    With the new GeneSys control software the user simply has to tell the G:BOX F3 the sample type and dye and leave the rest to the automated capture system. Images are produced quickly with the minimum of effort. No other system on the market offers this level of control
  • High specification
    The new series of 2m pixel camera is standard on the G:BOX F3. The addition of limited cooling enables longer exposures to be used which can be a necessity for some fluorescence applications. No other system in this class can offer this ability.
  • Modular
    The new design of G:BOX F3 enables the operator to use a range of options. This includes the latest LED fluorescence lighting modules for epi illumination. This opens the way for the user to conduct colored fluorescent, multiplex, colorimetric and GFP imaging.

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Camera Specifications
CCD camera (m pixels) 2.0
Pixel array 1628 x 1236
Bit depth (grey scales) 16 bit 65536 grey levels
Dynamic range 4.8
Cooling Yes
Lens Zoom
Type Motor driven
Hinged door Yes
Safety interlocked Yes
Built-in white light Yes - LEDs
Filter selector  
Filter wheel Optional 7 position with included UV filter
Size (cm x cm) 20 x 20
Conversion screen  
Novaglo UV to visible
Dimensions (w x h x d) cm 57 x 85 x 43

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