PacGen Fit-X1 Automated Pipetting (Liquid Handling) System

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Forget manual PCR/qPCR sample preparation. The PacGen Fit X1™  is a fully automated, high precision pipetting system that researchers can rely on to consistently dispense their reagents with high accuracy. The Fit X1's simplicity and functionality will ensure the best results for your experimental procedures, not to mention that it's small enough to fit inside a hood and comes with an exceptional price tag!

PacGen Fit-X1 Automated Pipetting System

Simplicity is Key

The Fit X1 comes with simple software that is both user friendly and easy to install, making it unnecessary for a trained technician to start using the instrument. This is possible because of the built-in PCR/qPCR setup protocols already contained in the Fit X1 software. Protocols can be transferred via USB memory stick as well. 

PacGen's single-channel and 8-channel Automatic Pipetting Modules (APMs - available in 50ul or 200ul capacity) can be exchanged without tools!  Fit X1 also contains four interchangeable standard mictrotiter plate/tip rack adapters and two interchangeable reagent vessel adapters.

Compatible and Affordable

Aptly named, the Fit X1 will not only "fit" into your lab with it's small footprint, it will also "fit" into your budget. The machine comes standard with features that other manufacturers will offer as options. Its FitTipTM robotic tips are compatible with Beckmen's® Biomek 3000® system and The FiterTM adapters keep your sensitive reagents and samples at 7C for over 30 minutes. 


Coming in at ~55lbs, the Fit X1 is both compact and portable. Any software updates can be done over the internet, and the unit can easily be mailed to the manufacturer for calibration or service. On-site service is also available in many areas.

Precise and Accurate

Each Automated Pipetting Module (APM) is calibrated with ISO-8655 standards. The Fit X1 delivers excellent results for qPCR standard curve and replicates.

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