Syzygy Biotech FlashTaq Hot-Start Taq DNA Polymerase

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Syzygy Biotech Solution's FlashTaq is a chemically modified hot-start Taq DNA polymerase useful for preventing or minimizing nonspecific DNA amplification in PCR.  FlashTaq's novel modifying reagent represents a major improvement over other chemically modified hot-start enzymes by having a faster activation time (less than 2 minutes to activate), better shelf-life and alkaline activation condition optimal for both Taq activity and specific amplification.

Under standard hot-start conditions (i.e., 94C in pH 8-9 Tris), FlashTaq regains both the 5'-3' polymerase and 5'-exonuclease activities within two minutes.  Syzygy FlashTaq is also superior to antibody-based hot-start DNA polymerases due to its complete suppression of enzyme activity at room temperature, near full recovery of enzyme activity following activation and lack of animal DNA contaminants.  In addition, hot-start FlashTaq is also significantly more economical to manufacture than antibody-based hot-start enzymes, resulting in a lower purchase price.


FT-100Flash Taq DNA Polymerase100UnitsCall
FT-500Flash Taq DNA Polymerase500UnitsCall
FT-1000Flash Taq DNA Polymerase1000UnitsCall
FT-NB-100Flash Taq DNA Polymerase (no buffer)100UnitsCall
FT-NB-500Flash Taq DNA Polymerase (no buffer)500UnitsCall
FT-NB-1000Flash Taq DNA Polymerase (no buffer)1000UnitsCall
FT-NM-100Flash Taq DNA Polymerase (no Mg)100UnitsCall
FT-NM-500Flash Taq DNA Polymerase (no Mg)500UnitsCall
FT-NM-1000Flash Taq DNA Polymerase (no Mg)1000UnitsCall
Master Mix
FT-MM-100Flash Taq 2x Colorless Master Mix10050ul ReactionsCall
FT-MM-250Flash Taq 2x Colorless Master Mix25050ul ReactionsCall
FT-MM-1000Flash Taq 2x Colorless Master Mix100050ul ReactionsCall
FT-MMWD-100Flash Taq 2x MeanGreen Master Mix10050ul ReactionsCall
FT-MMWD-250Flash Taq 2x MeanGreen Master Mix25050ul ReactionsCall
FT-MMWD-1000Flash Taq 2x MeanGreen Master Mix100050ul ReactionsCall



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