Syzygy Biotech SyFi Error Correcting Taq DNA Polymerase

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If you're looking for a high-fidelity Taq DNA Polymerase, Syzygy Biotech's SyFi Error Correcting Taq DNA Polymersase is the one for you.  The SyFi enzyme is a high-fidelity thermophilic DNA polymerase containing a 3'-5' proofreading exonuclease activity.  SyFi is extremely thermostable at temperatures of 95 to 100oC.  Concentration: 2 U/ul.

SY-100SyFi Error Correcting DNA Polymerase100Units$40.67
SY-500SyFi Error Correcting DNA Polymerase500Units$158.35
SY-1000SyFi Error Correcting DNA Polymerase1000Units$226.70
SY-NB-100SyFi Error Correcting DNA Polymerase (no buffer)100Units$40.67
SY-NB-500SyFi Error Correcting DNA Polymerase (no buffer)500Units$158.35
SY-NB-1000SyFi Error Correcting DNA Polymerase (no buffer)1000Units$226.70
SY-NM-100SyFi Error Correcting DNA Polymerase (no Mg)100Units$40.67
SY-NM-500SyFi Error Correcting DNA Polymerase (no Mg)500Units$158.35
SY-NM-1000SyFi Error Correcting DNA Polymerase (no Mg)1000Units$226.70
dNTP-0.2PCR Grade Deoxynucleotides, 10 mM solution0.2ml$58.64
dNTP-1PCR Grade Deoxynucleotides, 10 mM solution1ml$193.20
Master Mix
SY-MM-100SyFi 2x Colorless Master Mix10050ul Reactions$90.40
SY-MM-250SyFi 2x Colorless Master Mix25050ul Reactions$188.50
SY-MM-1000SyFi 2x Colorless Master Mix100050ul Reactions$654.00
Hot Start Master Mix
SF-MM-100SyFi Flash 2x Colorless Master Mix10050ul Reactions$113.90
SF-MM-250SyFi Flash 2x Colorless Master Mix25050ul Reactions$247.25
SF-MM-1000SyFi Flash 2x Colorless Master Mix100050ul Reactions$789.00



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