Syzygy Biotech Taq 2x Colorless DNA Polymerase PCR Master Mix

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Syzygy Biotech Taq 2X Colorless DNA PCR Polymerase Master Mix is a 2x mixture containing all pertinent components needed in a single tube.  Not only convenient, Syzygy's 2X Master Mix offers fast PCR set up with fewer manipulations and less likelihood of contamination. Simply add amplification primers, DNA template and water. Outperforming the competition Syzygy Biotech Taq 2X Colorless DNA Master Mix provides robust specific amplification of target products. Syzygy Biotech Taq 2X Colorless Master Mix is exceptional for routine PCR, Colony PCR, Cloning, Sequencing Preparation, Genotyping, and other experiments where precise amplification is necessary.  This product is FDA-registered.


TP-MM-100Taq 2x Colorless Master Mix10050ul Reactions$65.40x
TP-MM-250Taq 2x Colorless Master Mix25050ul Reactions$143.50x
TP-MM-1000Taq 2x Colorless Master Mix100050ul Reactions$404.00x
SY-MM-100SyFi 2x Colorless Master Mix10050ul Reactions$90.40
SY-MM-250SyFi 2x Colorless Master Mix25050ul Reactions$188.50
SY-MM-1000SyFi 2x Colorless Master Mix100050ul Reactions$654.00
Hot Start
FT-MM-100Flash Taq 2x Colorless Master Mix10050ul Reactions$88.90
FT-MM-250Flash Taq 2x Colorless Master Mix25050ul Reactions$197.25
FT-MM-1000Flash Taq 2x Colorless Master Mix100050ul Reactions$739.00
High Fidelity Hot Start
SF-MM-100SyFi Flash 2x Colorless Master Mix10050ul Reactions$113.90
SF-MM-250SyFi Flash 2x Colorless Master Mix25050ul Reactions$247.25
SF-MM-1000SyFi Flash 2x Colorless Master Mix100050ul Reactions$789.00

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