Syzygy Biotech MeanGreen 2x Taq DNA Polymerase PCR Master Mix

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Syzygy Biotech MeanGreen 2X Taq DNA Polymerase PCR Master Mix contains all pertinent components needed in a single tube for an efficient and successful PCR amplification. Just add primers, DNA template, and water.  No need to add dye.  Syzygy Biotech MeanGreen 2x Master Mix contains loading dyes (blue and yellow) that makes electrophoresis monitoring simple, and a density agent that allow reactions to be loaded directly onto gels. This unique feature minimizes the likelihood of contamination and pipetting errors. Outperforming the competition, Syzygy Biotech MeanGreen 2x Master Mix provides robust amplification in a single tube. Syzygy MeanGreen Master Mix is exceptional for routine PCR, Colony PCR, Genotyping, and other experiments where precise amplification is necessary. Syzygy Biotech MeanGreen Master Mix makes PCR as easy as 1,2,3. This product is FDA-registered.

MeanGreen 2x Taq DNA Polymerase PCR Master Mix Comparison

TP-MMWD-100Taq 2x MeanGreen Master Mix10050ul ReactionsCallx
TP-MMWD-250Taq 2x MeanGreen Master Mix25050ul ReactionsCallx
TP-MMWD-1000Taq 2x MeanGreen Master Mix100050ul ReactionsCallx
Hot Start
FT-MMWD-100Flash Taq 2x MeanGreen Master Mix10050ul ReactionsCall
FT-MMWD-250Flash Taq 2x MeanGreen Master Mix25050ul ReactionsCall
FT-MMWD-1000Flash Taq 2x MeanGreen Master Mix100050ul ReactionsCall

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