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Syzygy Biotech rEVAlution 2X qPCR Master Mix is a ready to use hot-start qPCR master mix with EvaGreen® and FlashTaq.  The master mix is optimized to work with both fast cycling conditions and regular three step cycling conditions.  A 25μM ROX reference dye is supplied separately for use with some real time instruments. 

Syzygy Biotech FlashTaq is a chemically modified hot-start Taq DNA polymerase that can be activated in as little as 2 minutes making it highly suitable for fast qPCR, and EvaGreen® dye is a dsDNA-binding dye with properties ideal for qPCR. High concentrations of EvaGreen® dye can be used in qPCR without inhibiting PCR reactions because of the novel "release-on-demand" mechanism by which the dye binds to dsDNA. 

EvaGreen® dye is uniquely safe in comparison to other DNA-binding dyes. EvaGreen® is cell membrane impermeable making it non-cytotoxic, non-mutagenic, safe to aquatic life and hence can be directly disposed down the drain. These properties make EvaGreen® a highly preferable dye in qPCR.

The absorption and emission spectra of EvaGreen® dye are similar to SYBR® Green I and FAM: λabs/λem = 500/530 nm when bound to DNA and λabs = 471 nm when free in the solution. This makes EvaGreen® compatible with all real time instruments that are compatible with SYBR® Green I, without the need to use new filters.

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