Syzygy Biotech Taq DNA Polymerase

Taq DNA polymerase is the flagship product of Syzygy Biotech. Syzygy Biotech has given this enzyme the respect it deserves. The Taq DNA Polymerase gene is isolated from Thermus aquaticus YT1 and expressed in E.coli. The recombinant Taq DNA polymerase shows identical characteristics to native Taq from Thermus aquaticus. Syzygy Biotech Taq DNA polymerase is a LOW DNA enzyme and works brilliantly for routine PCR, Cloning, Genotyping, RT-PCR, Sequencing Preparation and any other experiment where precise amplification is a must. Syzygy Biotech Taq DNA Polymerase offers equivalent or greater amplification compared to other polymerases of greater cost. High quality, robust specific amplification, and lot-to-lot reproducibility at a low cost make Syzygy Biotech Taq DNA polymerase an exceptional product. This product is FDA-registered.


TP-100Taq DNA Polymerase100Units$25.67x
TP-500Taq DNA Polymerase500Units$103.35x
TP-1000Taq DNA Polymerase1000Units$156.70x
TP-NB-100Taq DNA Polymerase (no buffer)100Units$25.67x
TP-NB-500Taq DNA Polymerase (no buffer)500Units$103.35x
TP-NB-1000Taq DNA Polymerase (no buffer)1000Units$156.70x
TP-NM-100Taq DNA Polymerase (no Mg)100Units$25.67x
TP-NM-500Taq DNA Polymerase (no Mg)500Units$103.35x
TP-NM-1000Taq DNA Polymerase (no Mg)1000Units$156.70x
dNTP-0.2PCR Grade Deoxynucleotides, 10 mM solution0.2ml$58.64
dNTP-1PCR Grade Deoxynucleotides, 10 mM solution1ml$193.20


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