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The Bichrom Biowave II UV/Visible Spectrophotometer offers the same reliability of the Biowave DNA, but with more life science application capabilities and the option for higher measurement accuracy. Along with nucleic acid quantitation measurements and protein assay analysis, the Biowave II has built-in software to perform flash-scan, kinetic assays, fixed-wavelength measurements and concentration measurements with comprehensive graphics. Users that require higher measurement accuracy will love the Biowave II+, which features a split-beam 3nm banwidth resolution for precision. With it's versatility, user-friendly interface and spill-proof sealed membrane keypad, the Biowave II is a fantastic addition to both research and teaching labs alike. The instrument itself comes with a 2 year warranty, while it's long lasting Xenon lamp comes with a 3 year warranty.


  • Split Beam (RBC) UV/Vis Spectrophotometer 190-1100nm (3nm/5nm bandwidth)Nucleic Acid Scan
  • Pre-programmed methods for DNA, RNA, Oligos, proteins and cell density
  • Nucleic acid scans for purity checking
  • Low volume capability with 10µL min. quartz cells
  • Novel optics with a Xenon source for long lamp lifetime and low running costs
  • Flexible data export optional accessories include Export to PC software, Wireless Bluetooth®, built in printer or SD card Method/Data storage.

Data Storage and Export Options

The Biowave II can easily be used as a stand alone unit or for measurement only with it's easy data export methods.  If a stand alone unit is desired, users have the option of adding a high quality graphical printer to the Biowave II to print results for permanent record. Conversely, data can easily be exported via USB to a computer running Print Via Computer software (included) or Bluetooth™ accessory for more advanced reporting and data storage. An SD or SDHC memory card accessory is also available for data export, which is a useful tool for researchers who wish to clone methods and folders between other instruments. Only one of these options may be added to any instrument.

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