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BioDrop TOUCH is a next generation UV/Visible spectrophotometer delivering exceptional measurement accuracy for any life science applications. It offers seamless integration with the BioDrop CUVETTE and provides scientists with class-leading micro-volume measurement technology in addition to standard cuvette based applications in a single instrument.

Pipetting onto BioDrop CuvetteBioDrop TOUCH is designed specifically for use with the revolutionary BioDrop CUVETTE, an innovative solution for accurate low volume spectroscopy.  The BioDrop CUVETTE provides life science researchers very simple means to accurately quantify microlitre volumes of DNA and protein.  The BioDrop micro-volume cuvette overcomes many of the disadvantages of conventional low volume instruments and is a valuable tool for the modern life sciences laboratory combining ease of use and greater accuracy than other techniques. 

BioDrop TOUCH is available as either a stand-alone instrument with comprehensive software controlled via a color touchscreen or as a PC-only version. Both options include BioDrop Resolution Life Science PC Software as standard and include a unique magnetic pipetting station for easy sample loading. Comprehensive life science methods with drop-down pathlength selection for the BioDrop CUVETTE enable scientists to quickly acquire results.

BioDrop TOUCH with local control offers on-board storage of methods and data as well as USB drive memory storage and USB to PC connection.  A built-in printer can also be fitted to the instrument for a complete solution in a small footprint.

BioDrop TOUCH Key Features include:

  • Large, high resolution, capacitive color touchscreen on standalone instrument
  • USB connectivity for easy PC connection or data export
  • Light path designed for optimal measurement of microvolume samples with BioDrop CUVETTE
  • Cell holder compatible with standard cuvettes for ultimate application flexibility
  • Fast operation - swith on and measure a DNA sample in <20 seconds with only 4 screen touches
  • Integrated BioDrop CUVETTE magnetic loading platform for easy pipetting
  • BioDrop Resolution Life Science software for powerful analysis

BioDrop Resolution Life Science Software Key Features include:

  • Dedicated life science methods for determining the concentration and purity of DNA, RNA and protein
  • Fast and easy to use with intuitive modules for quick measurements, wavelength, scanning, quantitation and kinetics
  • Pre-programmed with BioDrop CUVETTE pathlength and calcuations
  • Optional Resolution CFR module for laboratories requiring full 21 CFR part 11
  • Familiaritity of the latest Microsoft Windows® operating systems

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BioDrop Touch Technical Specifications

Display5.7" color display with capacitive touch panelNone
Light SourcePulsed Xenon lamp with 3 year warranty
Detector1024 element CCD array
Wavelength Range190 - 1100nm
Wavelength Accuracy± 2nm
Wavelength Reproducibility± 1nm
Spectral Bandwidth5nm
Stray Light<0.5%T at 220nm and 340nm using NaNO2
Photometric Range- 0.3A to 2.5A, 0 to 199%T
Photometric Linearity±0.005A or 1% of the reading, whichever is the greater at 546nm
Photometric Reproducibility±0.003A (0 to 0.5A),
± 0.007A (0.5 ? 1.0A)
Noise0.005A peak to peak 0.002A RMS
OutputUSB port for PC connection, USB port for USB memory stick USB port for PC connection
Power input90-250 V, 50/60 Hz, Max 30 VA
Dimensions420 x 260 x 185 mm
Weightapprox. 3 kg
Life Science SoftwareDNA, RNA, oligo, dye labelling, Tm calculation, direct UV and colorimetric protein methods DNA, RNA, oligo, dye labelling, Tm calculation, direct UV and colorimetric protein methods, cell density measurement

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