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The Bullet Blenders® are a family of high quality homogenizers that enable high yields and consistent results. Applications include isolation of RNA, DNA, proteins, some organelles, and some single-celled organisms. The use of a simple, patented technology in this user friendly, high throughput homogenizer, enables great versatility, reliability, and high value.

The Bullet Blender 50 DX can homogenize up to 4 tough tissue samples or up to 8 soft samples in 50 mL tubes in parallel. Each tissue sample up to 3.5 g or cell culture combined with buffer up to 20 ml. Air cooling included.


Bullet Blender 50 DX Brochure


Homogenize Tissue
Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Brain, Adipose

Homogenize Tougher Tissue
Heart, Aorta, Tumor, Tail Snips, Muscle, Lung

Lyse Cells
E. coli, Mamallian cell culture, Yeast

Homogenize Plant Material
Leaves, Beans, Nuts, Roots

Homogenize Small Organisms
Zebrafish, Drosophila

Whole Cell Isolation
Bacteria, Lymphocytes, Blood Cells

Organelle Isolation
Nucleus, Mitochondria

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