Galileo Bioscience Reflection 1010 Dual-Gel Vertical Electrophoresis System

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The Reflection 1010 Dual-Gel Electrophoresis System gives users the freedom to run one or two gels simultaneously, and at 10 x 10 cm in size, will also accommodate most pre-cast gels. With Galileo's unique casting base, users are able to both cast and run gels without ever having to unclamp the upper buffer chamber. This allows for both safer and more convenient gel handling, especially for those who may be prone to ripping their gels between the two activities. 

This vertical gel box includes a water cooling feature for electrophoresis protocols that require lower temperature. This water can be provided by the tap or other temperature controlled source and is easily connected by attaching standard tubing over the 3/8" barbed in/out ports on the device. Users may also facilitate cooling efficiency and uniformity using Galileo's optional alumina backer plates (see accessories below).

System Features

Each Reflection 85-1010 vertical system includes the following components:

  • Heavy duty upper buffer chamber with cooling port connections
  • Lower buffer chamber
  • Interlock safety lid with attached leads
  • Casting base
  • Two-pack each of plain and notched glass plates
  • One acrylic blocker plate (used when only one gel is being run)
  • Four 0.8mm thick side spacers
  • Two combs of your choice

System Accessories

  • Alumina cooling plate for use with cooling systems. This plate can be sandwiched between the gel and the inner buffer chamber to improve overall temperature uniformity.
  • Casting base for quick, efficient and leak-proof gel casting.
  • Multiple gradient caster.

85-1010-WCSDouble sided water cooled vertical system, 10cm x 10cm w/casting baseCall
85-1010-iDouble sided water cooled vertical system, 10cm x 10cm W/O CASTERCall
85-1010-UBC-WCUpper Buffer Chamber Only, water cooledCall
85-1010-NCSDouble sided non- cooled vertical system, 10cm x 10cmCall
85-1010-NCS-iDouble sided non cooled vertical system, 10cm x 10cm W/O CASTERCall
85-1010-C6-0.8Comb, 0.8mm thick, 6 toothCall
85-1010-C6-1.5Comb, 1.5mm thick, 6 toothCall
85-1010-C8-0.8Comb, 0.8mm thick, 8 toothCall
85-1010-C8-1.5Comb, 1.5mm thick, 8 toothCall
85-1010-CMT9-0.81X multi-channel compatible comb, 0.8mm thick, 9 toothCall
85-1010-CMT9-1.51X multi-channel compatible comb, 1.5mm thick, 9 toothCall
85-1010-C10-0.8Comb, 0.8mm thick, 10 toothCall
85-1010-C10-1.5Comb, 1.5mm thick, 10 toothCall
85-1010-C12-0.8Comb, 0.8mm thick, 12 toothCall
85-1010-C12-1.5Comb, 1.5mm thick, 12 toothCall
85-1010-SP-0.8Spacer Set, 0.8mm thickCall
85-1010-SP-1.5Spacer Set, 1.5mm thickCall
85-1010-G10PGPlain glass, 10cmW x 10cmH x 3/32" thickCall
85-1010-G10NGNotched glass, 10cmW x 10cmH x 3/32" thickCall
85-1010-G10NANotched alumina, 10cmW x 10cmH x 1mm thickCall

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