Syngene Pxi4: Compact Chemiluminescence and Fluorescence Imaging System

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The new PXi4 Chemiluminscent and Fluorescent Imaging System from Syngene has set the new standard for Imaging Systems in the scientific community.  With a high resolution 4MP camera, compact size and intuitive software interface, this multi-application image analysis system is sure to be a favorite of researchers everywhere.  The PXi4 offers full automation in the capture of Western Blots, Multiplexed Fluorescent Western Blots, DNA and RNA Gels, Visible Stained Gels and even 2D gels.
Versatility is a major advantage of the PXi4, as it can be used for such a wide range of applications. Numerous lighting and filtration combinations are available including IR illumination, Red light, Blue light, Green light and the UltraSlim blue LED transilluminator.  The motorized 7 position filter wheel can accommodate a number of Syngene filters that are automatically selected in the autocapture mode of GeneSys (Syngene's acclaimed image acquisition software) to ensure proper lighting and filtration pairings based on the user's application.

Western Blot, Fluorescent Multiplexed Western and DNA Gel

For those labs looking for a compact imaging system with excellent sensitivity for chemiluminescent applications and the versatility to do fluorescent westerns either now or in the future, this is the system for you. Give us a call or send us an email for a price quote or to schedule an in-lab demo.   


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