Syngene PXi4 Touch: Chemiluminescence and Fluorescence Imaging System w/ Built-in Touchscreen

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Syngene's new PXi4 Touch Chemiluminscence and Fluorescence Imaging System sets a new standard for the industry.  The PXi4 Touch is a full-feature instrument for gel or western blot imaging in a compact footprint.  With an integrated Touchscreen Computer, this powerful unit takes up less than two feet of bench space.  This imaging system is ideal for multiplex fluorescent western blots, chemiluminescence detection, and general gel documentation applications.  Versatility, sensitivity and the user friendly software make this instrument perfect for busy labs everywhere.

The PXi4 Touch features a high-sensitivity, high-resolution CCD camera that provides exceptional sensitivity for western blot imaging.  An optional slim blue light transilluminator is available for imaging DNA gels, and a fold-down white light tray is available for Coomassies and other visible light applications.  Fluorescent and even IR blots can be imaged by adding our plug-and-play LED light and filter combinations.  Syngene's broad selection of lighting and filter combinations allow imaging of Fluorescent Western Blots using IR illumination, Red lights, Blue lights and Green lights.  An automated 7-position filter wheel can accommodate a wide range of Syngene filters to meet virtually any imaging application.
 Chemiluminescent Blot, Fluorescent Multiplex Western Blot and DNA Gel
Syngene's revolutionary GeneSys Acquisition Software controls the PXi4 Touch through the integrated touchscreen computer.  This intuitive software automates the image capture process ensuring a non-saturated image with optimal signal quality.  Protocols are easily created and saved for increased efficiency, reproducibility of conditions and consistent high quality results.

Images are quickly and easily analyzed using the powerful GeneTools Analysis Software.  Accurate quantitation can be performed in minutes with results being directly exported to Excel or Word.

Key Features:

  • Excellent Sensitivity for Chemiluminescent Imaging on Western Blots
  • Image Multiplexed Fluorescent Western Blots including IR dyes
  • DNA Gel Imaging with Slim-line Blue light Transilluminator
  • Visible Light Imaging with Fold-down White Light Table or Epi White Lights
  • Integrated Touchscreen and Compact footprint save valuable lab space


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