Cellometer Auto 1000

The Nexcelom Cellometer Auto 1000 is an automated cell counter that brings a perfect combination of speed, accuracy and convenience to the laboratory.  This stand alone unit, utilizing the latest of Nexcelom's sophisticated pattern recognition software, performs cell counts, trypan blue viability, cell concentration and cell size analysis in <10 seconds!  The Auto 1000 is light, portable and features a large 10" touch screen interface, making it an ideal instrument for use inside already cramped tissue culture rooms.  Utilizing a live bright field image, both data verification and visualization have never been easier.  
Nexcelom's software allows users quick and clear confirmation of their cell counts.
uto 1000 visual data
  • Live Cells highlighted in Green
  • Dead Cells highlighted in Red
  • Irregular shaped cells counted
  • Declustering of cells
  • Debris excluded
The built in computer on the Auto 1000 includes a super-fast i3 processor and can be networked for printing reports or saving data.  Of course, data can also be saved to the convenient USB drive. 
  • Cell count/percent viability <10 seconds
  • 10" touch screen with i3 processor
  • Data verification via counted cell images
  • Cell size analysis and cell size based counting
  • Analyzes clumpy or irregular shaped cells
  • Easily saves both data and cell images
  • Disposable counting chamber


  • Compact - convenient in tissue culture rooms
  • Consistent results with different users
  • Extremely fast and user friendly
  • Low sample volume (20μl)
  • No clogging - no maintenance

The Cellometer Auto 1000 sets the standard for cell counters, but don't take our word for it.  Request a demo, and we'll bring one in for you to try on your own cells!

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