Cellometer Mini

Integrated Scientific Solutions is proud to present the fastest and most affordable cell counter on the market: the Nexcelom Cellometer Mini. Nexcelom has enhanced their already sophisticated pattern recognition software platform to give researchers the ability to perform cell line counting, trypan blue viability, concentration and diameter analysis in <10 seconds (as little as 3 seconds with some computers)! Like Nexcelom’s other renowned cell counting products, the Cellometer Mini produces a "counted" bright field image of your sample to deliver users excellent data verification. Researchers will be able to see first hand how effectively the software analyzes clumpy cells, irregular-shaped cells, and live and dead cells in their cell line populations.


  • Cell count/percent viability <10 seconds
  • Data verification via counted cell images
  • Cell size analysis and cell size based counting
  • Analyzes clumpy or irregular shaped cells
  • Easily saves both data and cell images
  • Disposable counting chamber


  • Consistent results among different users
  • Extremely fast and simple
  • Affordable
  • Low sample volume (20μl)
  • No washing or clogging
  • Small footprint

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