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These corrosion resistant stainless steel drawer racks for 3" boxes will maximize the storage capacity of your freezer, while making your samples more accessible. Each drawer includes an identification card holder and a handle for easy retrieval of samples. Retrieval of samples is much easier with drawer racks, as there is no need to remove the entire rack.

Part NumberDescriptionDimension L×H×DCapacity (Box)Price
UFD-233Drawer Rack for 3" Boxes10 ×101/16×51/2 inch 254×256×140mm2×3=6Call
UFD-323Drawer Rack for 3" Boxes161/12×67/16×51/2 inch 419×164×140mm3×2=6Call
UFD-333Drawer Rack for 3" Boxes161/2×101/16×51/2 inch 419×256×140mm3×3=9Call
UFD-423Drawer Rack for 3" Boxes22×67/16×51/2 inch 559×164×140mm4×2=8Call
UFD-433Drawer Rack for 3" Boxes22×101/16×51/2 inch 559×256×140mm4×3=12Call
UFD-453Drawer Rack for 3" Boxes22×161/2×51/2 inch 559×420×140mm4x5=20Call
UFD-533Drawer Rack for 3" Boxes263/4×101/16×51/2 inch 680×256×140mm5×3=15Call

Sizing:  Please use the internal dimensions for your freezer shelf space to determine the height (H), length (L) and width (W) of each rack you select for your Upright Freezer.  For onsite consultation and measurements, please contact us.

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