Syngene G:Box XR5: Chemiluminescence and Fluorescence Imaging System

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The Syngene G:Box XR5 chemiluminescent and multicolor fluorescent imaging system provides users with the flexibility to handle all of their imaging needs. From DNA and RNA gels to Chemiluminescent blots to multiplexed fluorescent westerns, the G:Box XR5 will produce images that will exceed your expectations. With Syngene's revolutionary new Genesys Software, users will discover that carrying out these applications is faster and easier than ever before.

The G:BOX Chemi XR5 features a 5mp cooled CCD camera with excellent noise reduction to produce outstanding images with minimal background interference.

The new modular design includes motor-driven lenses and filter wheels allowing for a range of lighting choices for both Epi and transillumination applications.

Syngene's powerful quantitation software, GeneTools, is included with each system.

The G:BOX XR5 is a highly versatile gel imaging system capable of imaging low light chemiluminescent blots and plates as well as all your routine samples like; Ethidium Bromide (EtBr), Safe Stains, SYBR, Coomassie, Western Blots, colony plates and many fluorescent applications including red, green, blue and IR excitation.

It is the first product in its price class to offer 5 million pixels - and these are REAL pixels, not an 'effective' resolution or a digital zoom function. This is far greater than any of our competitors currently offer, making the XR5 a rather unique product. With this level of resolution we guarantee superb images of gels, blots and plates. The camera is also 16 bit for maximum dynamic range.

Syngene's powerful new image capture software, GeneSys, makes imaging any sample a simple, automated process. Exposure times of many hours are possible and always result in clean, crisp images.

The XR5 comes with a UV transilluminator, a UV to white light converter and epi white LED. It is simple and cost effective to fit epi UV, blue, green, red and IR lighting either at time of purchase or later. The entire system is fully motor driven with lens feedback, a 7-position filter wheel, lighting and exposure time all controlled, regulated and optimized through the powerful GeneSys acquisition software.

The G:Box XR5 offers high performance at an affordable cost.  It is the perfect workhorse imager for maximum versatility and simplicity of operation.

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