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Processing Western Blots has never been easier than with The BlotCycler™ from Precision Biosystems.  The BlotCycler automates the process of western blot development through all blocking, washing, and incubation steps.  Simply setup the BlotCycler with the required reagents (blocking agent, washing buffer, primary antibody, secondary antibody), program the appropriate assay, press go and walk away.  The BlotCycler will do all the work, and you can come back when the process is complete.  No special reagents are required: use the same reagents you currently use and the BlotCycler can even automatically save your primary antibodies.  This instrument will drastically increase productivity while generating blots with higher signal and lower background.  Set the program to run overnight and your blots will be ready for imaging (perhaps on a nice GBox from Syngene) the next morning.

Check out this video for a demonstration of how the BlotCycler works!

Benefits: Western Blot Comparison

  • Complete automation of membrane processing.
  • Higher signal, lower background.
  • Standard protocols and reagents.
  • Process up to six membranes simultaneously. 
  • Each membrane can be treated with its own specific Primary and Secondary antibodies.  ( i.e. six different Primary and six different Secondary antibodies can be used for simultaneous processing of membranes.)
  • All steps are easily programmed for individual protocols, and up to 8 can be saved in the memory.
  • Collect primary antibodies, the unique and most expensive reagents, for repeated use.
  • Unique washing method completely removes traces of reagents after each test.
  • Effective mixing of the reagents inside the trays.
  • Small footprint (12"x12" for 6-trays device).
  • Better control of your time.
  • Overnight membrane processing. The BlotCycler works late so you don't have to.

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