Galileo Tank Style Blotting System

The Galileo tank style blotting system is perfect for fast and reliable molecular transfer of a wide variety of protein products, including "hard to transfer" compounds from acrylamide gels. This systems allows for researchers to transfer to up to four western blot membranes from their respective gels simultaneously. Long service life and complete molecular transfer are assured with the robust construction of the platinum grid style electrodes. This system comes complete with four blotting cassettes, power leads and a sample pack of Galileo's ultra-pure cotton fiber filter paper. 

If you're still at the electrophoresis stage, Galileo offers a terrific line of vertical and horizontal gel boxes. 

Processing more westerns than you can keep up with? Would you benefit from automating the whole western blot process? Check out our Blotcycler from Precision Biosystems. 


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